Based in the UK near Cambridge, Professor Ray Kemp is Managing Director of Ray Kemp Consulting Limited (RKCL). RKCL provides services internationally.

Ray is (honorary visiting) Adjunct Professor of Risk and Sustainability at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia (2008-2013).

Ray has been appointed by the Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing as the next Chair of the Radiation Health & Safety Advisory Council of ARPANSA, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Ray is a current Member of the Council (2012-2015) and will become Chair in January 2014,

Ray has been appointed by the UK Director General for Public Health to the UK Advisory Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Foods, Consumer Products and the Environment (The COC). His specific role on the COC will be to provide advice on risk communication for members of the public and other non-expert audiences (June 2013- May 2017).  See:
for the Committee's latest Statements including  on the comparative vulnerability of children to mesothelioma and other cancers from early exposure to Asbestos. 
Ray is a Past President of the Society for Risk Analysis, Europe, and a past councillor of the Society for Risk Analysis. From 1996 to 1999 he was Honorary Visiting Professor of Risk Management and Communication at the University of Surrey.


Ray has been an advisor on public engagement/ delib- erative processes to the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation, the World Health Organisation in Geneva, and he has also advised the European Commission,Central Government Departments and Local Government in the UK and Australia, and a many industrial organisations world-wide. 

In the words of a recent client: “Prof Kemp is regularly sought out by Senior Executives and Boards for his formidable technical expertise across multiple disciplines; his international experience across many industries; his ability to communicate complex concepts to multiple stakeholders; his talent for challenging entrenched thinking; and for his ability to facilitate practical consensus-based solutions to multi-faceted problems”.

Ray has also directed large scale EIAs and public consultation in support of planning applications for cross-country gas pipelines, oil and gas processing plant, waste disposal facilities, incinerators, airport expansion, coastal redevelopments, power station decommissioning, pharmaceutical and brewery developments.

RKCL Associates provide additional depth of support and are identified to support our projects on a bespoke basis.
RKCL teams with a number of specialist environmental, risk and management consultancies and is pleased to work flexibly according to client needs and project demands. This is through specialist input as well as taking project direction and management roles.

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