Health, Safety & Environment

Health and Safety Executive, London, UK.
RKCL facilitated two national stakeholder roundtable meetings for the UK Health & Safety Executive on the issue of the forthcoming implementation of the European Directive controlling the exposure of staff to EMF from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment.

Health and Safety Executive, Bootle, UK.
RKCL facilitated the national peer review workshop for the UK Health & Safety Executive on the the HSE’s contribution on the implications for safety regulation of the renewable energy sector to HM Government’s 2006 Energy Review.

Health and Safety Executive, London, UK. 
RKCL facilitated the national stakeholder roundtable on proposals for changes to the regulation of domestic gas safety in the UK. This high profile event was introduced by the Health and Safety minister, Lord Hunt. Facilitation involved the organisation of a day of roundtable workshops and plenary discussion for over 130 key stakeholders, including representatives of government, the gas industry, emergency providers, and victims of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB), London, UK.  
Dr Kemp previously led the research project ‘T436, Approach to Stakeholder Engagement’. This involved a review and benchmarking exercise of rail industry stakeholder engagement activity against other industries, including the mobile telecoms sector, the health sector and the nuclear sector. This research took place in 2005 and included stakeholder dialogue with a cross-section of rail industry representatives involved in safety decision making.


The research recommended that stakeholder engagement should be an integral part of the decision making process. It suggested that the engagement could be simplified and optimised by using guides and tools. These would provide assistance on the type of engagement required based upon the characteristics of the issue being considered.
An important step has been taken by RSSB through engagement with key stakeholders and members of the lay public on the Valuing Safety document and the Safety Decisions Framework document which set out current thinking within RSSB regarding the principles of valuing safety. These documents are mutually consistent and the objective of RSSB’s engagement was to inform stakeholder discussion of the concepts and practice of safety decisions, and to build stakeholder agreement on the key issues.  

Transpower, New Zealand.  Support for the development and implementation of Transpower’s systematic approach to risk management and public communication on Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF).  This involved the development of a uniform risk management process for responding to public perceptions of EME from overhead power lines, including new build and system up grades.  RKCL provided Policy review, systems support, and training, as well as the development of a risk communication and public consultation manual.

Transpower, New Zealand.  RKCL provided hand on support for the implementation of effective EMF risk communication for the North Island Transmission Grid Upgrade Project through scoping exercises, strategy development and project guidance. This 400kv line is one of New Zealand’s most controversial and high profile national investment projects in recent years.