Following an Adjournment Debate on Working Temperatures in the House of Commons on 24 February 2010 (Hansard Column 75 WH) the Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie wrote to John McDonnell MP explaining why the HSE had commissioned RKCL to support its review of Working Temperatures requested of the Secretary of State, as follows:

“…[Professor Kemp] was chosen for his expertise in risk communication, his extensive experience in public and stakeholder engagement, his ability to independently facilitate engagement with stakeholders and the public, and his ability to provide strategic and applied practical advice on how to improve communication and management of controversial health, safety and environmental issues. In addition Professor Kemp has well established contacts in Australia and was able to use these to gather the type of information requested…

Professor Kemp has worked well with HSE in the past and, in light of his experience and expertise, was commissioned in line with established appointment procedures.”

UK Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie

Here is some recent feedback from participants at a stakeholder workshop which was organised and facilitated for a nuclear industry client:

"The discussion was extremely useful and necessary to tease out stakeholders ideas. I felt that everyone at a technical level were very sympathetic towards those with purely lay knowledge".

"I think it was worthwhile and it was very important to invite all outside stakeholders, it is important to have them involved at the earliest stages".

"Feedback from stakeholders was particularly positive and appreciative".

"I really enjoyed it - thank you for all your hard work".


"Coming from totally outside the business discipline, the learning I gained was good".

"Ray Kemp was very good at keeping things on course but without stifling discussion. Everyone was given the opportunity to participate".

"The facilitator was excellent and kept the whole thing on track. He was good at making sure that everyone’s comments were picked up and elaborated upon and he was gentle in his approach".

Here is the participant feedback from a basic risk communication training and a communication strategy workshop held for a telecommunications client in Australia:

Rate Workshop

Feedback was very positive and appreciative of the both the content and delivery of the workshops. Participants felt they had a better understanding and felt better equipped to address people’s concerns. There were many requests for the training to be repeated on an annual basis. As can be seen from the table above, 95% of workshop participants rated the workshop overall as “very good or excellent”.

Dounreay Stakeholder Group

PDF Mobile Operators Association